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Customize UI Easily

Introduction to GetSocial UI Customization

GetSocial SDK is a fully white-label solution, you can easily customize GetSocial Views to look and feel natively in your App.

We include Dark and Light UI themes in our Demo App under Apache 2 Licence, so you are free to modify and use them.

Black and White Theme

We provide a set of PSD templates with correctly named assets slices ready for developers to use after export.

UI is configurable with a json file and set of custom-made assets.


Short glossary of the common terms in the UI customization guide:

  • Base design: mockup provided by the designer from which all the dimensions are measured;
  • Base resolution: width and height of the base design mockup;
  • Drawable source: the image that is used by SDK in the UI;
  • Canvas: screen area that is going to be used to draw the base design.

Theme Downloads

The easiest way to create a custom UI theme for GetSocial is to download one of the existing themes and modify it to match your app style.

To apply downloaded themes check the UI Configuration Guide for Android, iOS or Unity.

Theme Download Link
Default Landscape Download Zip
Light Portrait Download Zip
Light Landscape Download Zip
Dark Portrait Download Zip
Dark Landscape Download Zip

Next Steps

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