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Platform comparison

Check what GetSocial features are available on each supported platform.

Feature Android iOS Unity React Native Web (JS) SDK HTTP API
Receive Referral Data
Check Referred Users
Create Smart Links
Create Invite Links
Send Invites via Social Apps (FB, Twitter, etc) ✅ *
Customize Invite Message Content
Invites UI
Smart Widget
Smart Banners
User Management
Multiple Authentication Providers ✅ **
User Properties ✅ **
Search Users
Social Graph
Query and Manage Friends
Auto Import Facebook Friends
Query Suggested Friends
Activity Feed
Create Activity Feed
Post on Activity Feed
Load Activity Feed Content
Report and Moderate Content
Activity Feed UI
Send Notifications
Receive Notifications
Notification Center UI
Automatically Track GetSocial Events
Track Custom Events
Track Purchase Events

* Requires native code to add support for Facebook, Messenger and Twitter. Available only via Invites UI

** Current version provides only read-only access

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