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Whitelist Test Devices

GetSocial Dashboard provides the option to whitelist devices for testing purposes.

The reason for whitelisting a device is because of the 30-days re-attribution window.

Normally, we won’t attribute the install to the referrer if we have already seen the same device active in the app within the last 30 days.

For Test Devices, all installs from whitelisted devices will be attributed, every time.

Add Google Play Services(Android Only)

To have Google Advertising ID (GAID) available on the Android you have to add play-services-ads Google service to your application.


Follow the official guide and add play-services-ads dependency.


  1. Download and import PlayServicesResolver plugin into your project.

  2. Create file Assets/GetSocial/Editor/GetSocialDependencies.xml with following content:

            <androidPackage spec=""/>
  3. Switch platform to Android and go to AssetsPlay Services ResolverAndroid ResolverResolve.

Adding Test Devices

  1. Navigate to Account Settings in your GetSocial Dashboard
  2. Select on Test Devices
  3. Press New Test Device
  4. Enter Name and Device ID (IDFA for iOS or Google Advertising ID for Android)
  5. Press Add Device

Finding Your Device Identifier

With Code

To get device ID and print it somewhere you can use:

```java tab=”Android(Java)”
Log.d(“Device ID: ” + GetSocial.Device.getIdentifier());

```kotlin tab="Android(Kotlin)"
println("Device ID: ${GetSocial.Device.getIdentifier()}");

```objective-c tab=”iOS(Objective-C)”
NSLog(@”Device ID: %@”, [GetSocial deviceIdentifier]);

```swift tab="iOS(Swift)"
println("Device ID: \(GetSocial.deviceIdentifier())")

csharp tab="Unity" Debug.Log("Device ID: " + GetSocial.Device.Identifier);


Finding your IDFA for iOS

You can find your device’s IDFA with any of these apps available in the AppStore:

Finding your Google Advertising ID for Android

You can find your device’s Google Advertising ID going to the device’s Settings > Google > Ads.

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