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Landing Page Customization on Unity

To provide more engaging experience to the invited users, you can customize the content of the landing page for each Smart Invite sent from the client side.


Possible configuration options:

  • Title: Title of the page.
  • Description: Short description.
  • Image: Landing page image. Can be an image URL or instance of UnityEngine.Texture2D.
  • Video: Landing page video to be displayed instead of an image. At the moment we support only YouTube video URLs.


  1. Customize content via Smart Link parameters:

    Texture2D landingPageImage = ...; // get your image here
    LinkParams linkParams = new LinkParams();
    linkParams.Add(LinkParams.KeyCustomTitle, "Hey friend!");
    linkParams.Add(LinkParams.KeyCustomDescription, "Check out this record!");
    linkParams.Add(LinkParams.KeyCustomImage, landingPageImage);
    // Alternatively, you can add a YouTube video instead of an image:
    linkParams.Add(LinkParams.KeyCustomYouTubeVideo, "");
  2. Send customized invitation via GetSocial Data API:

    InviteContent inviteContent = ...; // create invite message content
    GetSocial.SendInvite(InviteChannelIds.Email, inviteContent, linkParams
        onComplete: () => Debug.Log("Customized invitation via EMAIL was sent"),
        onCancel: () => Debug.Log("Customized invitation via EMAIL was cancelled"),
        onFailure: (error) => Debug.LogError("Customized invitation via EMAIL failed, error: " + error.Message)

    Or via GetSocial UI:


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