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Create Smart Links

There are two ways you can create a Smart Link:

  • Using the GetSocial Dashboard. This is useful if you’re creating Smart Links for marketing campaigns, to share on the social media or use with QR codes and beacons. You can track click-to-install analytics on the GetSocial Dashboard.

  • Using the HTTP API. This is the preferred way if you want to create a Smart Link dynamically for content sharing or to drive users from web to app. Created links will be visible on the GetSocial Dashboard where you can check click-install performance.

Interested in creating Smart Links from the Web or Mobile SDKs?

If you’re interested in creating Smart Links from the Web, Android, iOS or Unity SDKs, please message via the Intercom.

Predefined parameters

Each Smart Link has a number of predefined parameters you can set during link creation. Parameters configure analytics, link redirection behaviour and Landing Page. All predefined parameters start with $. Check the reference of all available link parameters.

If parameters for the link redirection behaviour and Landing Page appearance are not specified during Smart Link creation, defaults will be taken from the link behaviour and Landing Page configuration on the GetSocial Dashboard.

Custom data

Besides predefined parameters you can add custom key-value pairs to Smart Link that will be carried over to the recipient.

Receive parameters

You can receive custom data and certain predefined link parameters from:

Overriding parameters

After Smart Link creation you can override some of the predefined Smart Link parameters and any key-value pairs from the attached custom data via link query parameters. You can use these overrides to decrease amount of roundtrips to GetSocial API:

  • Create a generic Smart Link with default parameters via HTTP API or the Dashboard.
  • Override parameters (e.g., product_id) via link query params.

For example, if you want to add (or override) product_id parameter with value abc123 to the Smart Link

Get original parameters

If the key product_id already existed within the parameters of that link, the value will be overridden. For security purposes, we preserve the original value as well. For details check API reference for:

  • GetSocial.getOriginalLinkParams() method on Android
  • [GetSocial originalLinkParams] on iOS
  • GetSocial.OriginalLinkParams on Unity
  • authenticate(params) → {Promise.<AuthResponse>} for Web SDK
  • /referral/process endpoint for HTTP API

Adding a custom path

You can add a custom path to the Smart Link URL. For instance, you can use it to state different activity (or map to different instant apps) on Android depending on the URL path.

Custom path must be added after the GetSocial-defined path, but before the query string. For example, to add /custom/path to Smart Link

On the receiver side custom path will be available as a part of the URL and $custom_path parameter in the link params.

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