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Creating Smart Links with the HTTP API

Dynamic creation of the Smart Links with the HTTP API is the preferred way for content sharing and driving web to app users. Created links will be visible on the GetSocial Dashboard where you can check click-install performance.


To create a Smart Link with HTTP API make POST request to the smart-links endpoint, specifying the Smart Link parameters in the body. For example:

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
X-GetSocial-API-Key: [your_api_key]

    "app_id": "[your_app_id]",
    "name": "Product 123",
    "token": "product-123",
    "channel": "website",
    "medium": "share-button", 
    "campaign_name": "API Generated Links"
    "custom_data": {
        "$redirect_url": ""

Visit the HTTP API reference to try the API in the playground and Smart Links parameters reference to see the list of all available parameters.

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