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Creating Smart Links


  • Integrate GetSocial SDK to the application you want to promote to see the analytics. See the guide for Android, iOS or Unity.

To create a Smart Link:

  1. Login to the GetSocial Dashboard.
  2. Go to Smart Links section and press a New link button.
  3. Configure the Smart Link properties and appearance in the social media:

    Create Link on the Dashboard

  4. (Optional) In the Link params section you can add one of the supported predefined link parameters or custom key-value pairs to the link. All parameters will be available on the receiver side.

The list of created Smart Links are available on the Dashboard → User acquisition section → Smart Links tab. Each link has a set of actions you can perform:

Link Actions on the Dashboard

  • Copy link: copy the link to clipboard.
  • See stats: will bring analytics to that particular link.
  • Generate Smart Widget code: use the Smart Widget to quickly embed App Store / Google Play buttons to your mobile website with full attribution tracking. For desktop visitors, show a one-click SMS form to send an install link to your users.
  • Duplicate link: this option will duplicate the current link with all the link data (except for link alias).
  • See preview: shows a preview of the landing page. Check landing page configuration guide.
  • Edit link: The button opens the view to edit all Smart Link properties except for the link alias.

    Updates to the Link Configuration Will Not Reflect in Analytics for Previous Days

    Changes to Smart Link channel, campaign, a medium will not be reflected only new analytics events. Historical data will not be updated.

  • Archive link: You can archive links to hide them from the campaign overview section if you are no longer promoting the link. Archived links are hidden from the overview. However, they will continue to be valid and keep working as designed. Archived links also continue to accumulate analytics and can be unarchived later.

    To archive, a link or multiple links select the appropriate links and click on the archive button. You can also select all the links in a campaign by selecting the campaign.

    Archive Link on the Dashboard

    To view or unarchive the archived links, toggle the “Active/Archive” button from the overview section to Archived and select the unarchive option:

    Archived Links Toggle on the Dashboard

Performance analytics

On the Dashboard, you can check how your campaign or individual link is performing. For instance here are sample stats for individual Smart Link:

Links Analytics on the Dashboard

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