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Introduction to GetSocial Smart Invites

GetSocial Smart Invites provides a comprehensive in-app referral system for your application. We utilize popular apps like WhatsApp, Kik, Kakao, Facebook, Twitter to give your users seamless friends invitation process or in-app content sharing.

Smart Invites are powered by Smart Links to provide a seamless experience on the user’s journey to the mobile app on every platform and every channel, whether or not your app is already installed.

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of getting users to install your app. According to a study by Nielsen, recommendations from friends and family are considered the most credible form of advertising – making these recommendations the highest ranked source for trustworthiness.

GetSocial’s Smart Invites makes it easy to turn your app’s users into your app’s biggest evangelist.


  • Contextual Deeplinking and Deferred Deeplinking: contextual deep linking is similar to deep linking with additional functionality of storing information about sending/receiving the user, invite channel and unlimited custom data. This allows you to Push metadata through the App Stores right into the app to create a personalized on-boarding experience for your users.
  • Webhooks: providing real-time event data for every app install events with contextual information so you can reward your users.
  • Tracking and attribution: our proprietary device fingerprinting technology providing complete tracking and attribution. Get insights into your app’s k-factor, cycle time, conversion through invite funnel, retention uplift and more.
  • An extensive list of invite channels: GetSocial smart invites support the following channels natively and also includes an ability to use the native share sheets.
  • Frictionless invites: users can send invites without authenticating with your app or with any supported invite channels.
  • App store detection: our invite links automatically detects recipient’s device and directs them to the appropriate store. iOS users are directed to the App Store, Android users are directed to the Play Store, desktop users are given an opportunity to SMS the invite link to themselves to continue the install from their mobile device.
  • UI Customization: customize our default UI or use your own.
  • Branding and localization: customize invite text in 24 languages, and brand all invite URLs with your own custom domain.

Key Advantages

Easy Sharing for users

Smart Invites makes it simple for users to send invites to their friends and family over a preferred channel of communication. The channels include all social media platforms and popular chat apps. With no cut-copy-paste required, it makes sure that the referral codes or any custom content are passed along with the invite.

Easy to implement

Smart Invites handles the user referral cycle for you. With easy implementation, it enables you to deliver a rich user experience without taking up your app development resources.

Invites that survive app installation

Smart Invites work seamlessly across both the App Store and Google Play. Besides making the installation process smooth, Smart Invites ensure that recipient receives the referral data or the content shared with him (whether or not they has your app installed).

How does it work?

Smart Invites Flow Diagram

  1. Call to action: User is given an opportunity to invite his friends via a call to action that is available in various parts of your app (e.g., menu, achievement popup, etc.).
  2. Invite created and custom data attached: You can attach custom key values pairs to the Smart Links (this could include, e.g., sender user id, level info, item id that is being shared). You can also override the default invite text and image.
  3. User selects a way to send an invite: The GetSocial Invite UI is presented to the user with supported invite channels. To make user experience smooth our system detects and displays only apps that are installed on user’s device.
  4. Receiver gets the unique link: Unique Smart Invite link contains information about custom data attached and enables complete attribution and analytics.
  5. Deeplink or store redirection: When the recipient clicks the link they will be taken directly to the app if it is installed. If not, GetSocial will detect the platform and take to the App Store or Google Play app download page.
  6. Custom data retrieved: When the app is started by clicking on the Smart Link, custom data will be fetched. Smart Invites survive installation; even if the recipient was taken to the store after clicking the link, it is possible to fetch custom data.

Try it out

Download DevFest Ukraine conference application to check out the demo of sharing in-app content with Smart Invites.

Try in the app

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