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Customizing Smart Invites on the Dashboard

To provide better user experience, you can customize Smart Invite message, an order of invite channels in Smart Invites view, Smart Link domain, and landing page.


Invite Message Customizations

Not all Invite Channels were created equal, for instance, Twitter allows message text and image customization but not subject, whereas Email supports subject as well. Check the complete list of supported customizations.

GetSocial Dashboard provides an easy way to customize and localize Smart Invites content, check the full list of supported languages in Localization guide.

  1. Login to GetSocial Dashboard.
  2. Go to User Acquisition section → Smart Invites tab.
  3. Update content: provide localized subject, localized message text and image:

    GetSocial Dashboard - Customize Smart Invites

  4. By default Smart Link will be automatically appended at the end of the message text. To customize location of the link you can use placeholder [APP_INVITE_URL], e.g., “Check this game [APP_INVITE_URL]. It’s amazing!”.

  5. Optionally you can provide customized content for each Invite Channel:

    GetSocial Dashboard - Customize Smart Invites

  6. Press Save.

  7. On the client side changes will be visible after application restart.

Recommended Invite Image Size

Recommended image resolution is 1200x1080px. Bigger images will be downscaled.

No Image Option

If you set “No Image” option, it disables image for this Smart Invite Channel even if you’ve passed a custom image on the client side.
It could be useful to avoid charges for sending MMS instead of SMS.

Invite Channels Order Customization

To improve organic user acquisition we recommend to adjust the order of Invite Channels according to your audience, e.g., if your app is mostly used in Asia, it make sense to put Kik and Kakao on the top; on the other hand if your app is popular in US - WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger provide better results.

GetSocial allows to customize the order of Invite Channels via Dashboard:

  1. Login to the GetSocial Dashboard.
  2. Go to the User Acquisition section → Smart Invites tab.
  3. Drag and drop Invite Channels to order them:

    GetSocial Dashboard - Customize Smart Invites

  4. If you’re using GetSocial UI, after the app restart order of Invite Channels will be updated accordingly:

    Ordered Channels in Smart Invites View

To customize the Smart Link added to the invites follow this guide.

Smart Link Customization

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