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Smart Invites Channels

Supported Invite Channels

A Note about the Web SDK

The rest of this page applies only to our mobile SDKs. On the web, our SDK simply generates the Smart Link for invites; sharing it in a way that fits your web app the best is up to you. See Web SDK Guide and API Reference for details.

GetSocial Smart Invites support a variety of invite channels. Some require only the relevant social application to be installed on the device, some require a third-party SDK to be integrated, and some require both the application and the SDK.

For a better user experience, Smart Invites detect which supported apps are installed on the user’s device and only show those that are suitable for inviting/sharing.

The table below gives a reference of requirements for each invite channel to work.


  • ✅ - channel is supported if the relevant application is installed, any special requirements will be listed in parenthesis, e.g., Email channel is supported if Email app installed; or Messenger on iOS is supported and requires Messenger app installed and Facebook SDK integrated.
  • ℹ️ - channel is not supported by default, but integration is possible, reach out to support for more details.
  • ❌ - channel is not supported on the platform.
Provider Android iOS Unity/Android Unity/iOS ReactNative/Android ReactNative/iOS
Facebook ✅ (Use custom plugin for better UX) ✅ (Use custom plugin for better UX) ✅ (Use custom plugin for better UX) ✅ (Use custom plugin for better UX) ✅ (Use custom plugin for better UX) ✅ (Use custom plugin for better UX)
Facebook Stories ** ✅ (Facebook SDK required) ✅ (Facebook SDK required) ✅ (Facebook SDK required)
Instagram Direct
Instagram Stories **
Kakao * ✅ (Only KakaoTalk SDK required) ✅ (Only KakaoTalk SDK required) ℹ️ ℹ️ ✅ (Only KakaoTalk SDK required) ✅ (Only KakaoTalk SDK required)
Messenger ✅ (App and Facebook SDK required) ✅ (App and Facebook SDK required) ✅ (App and Facebook SDK required)
Native share
Twitter ✅ (Only Twitter SDK required) ℹ️ ✅ (Only Twitter SDK required)
VK ✅ (Only VK SDK required) ✅ (Only VK SDK required) ℹ️ ℹ️ ✅ (Only VK SDK required) ✅ (Only VK SDK required)

* KakaoTalk adds a Get the app button with Korean text. Also, referral token works only if clicking on the invite link.

** At the moment sharing link to Facebook and Instagram Stories is a closed beta feature. Request access to link sharing on Instagram, on Facebook.

Native Share

To give users a way to share and invite via channels not integrated with GetSocial, we provide a fallback to native sharing mechanisms provided by iOS and Android. In GetSocial UI and a Dashboard, the native share option is displayed with the label “More…”.

We recommend enabling Native share only if the invite channel you are interested in is not available via direct integration with GetSocial, for instance Slack.

Native Share on iOS and Android

Supported Content Customizations

Not all Invite Channels were created equal, for instance, Twitter allows message text and image customization but not subject, whereas Email supports subject as well. The table below shows what content customizations are supported by different Invite Channels.

Provider Custom subject Custom text Custom image Custom animation* Rich preview from Landing Page
Email -
Facebook - - - -
Facebook Stories - ✅ (iOS only) -
Hangouts - ✅ (Android only) - - -
Instagram Direct - ✅ (Android only) - - -
Instagram Stories - ✅ (iOS only) -
Kakao - - -
Kik - - - -
Line - - -
Messenger - - - -
SMS - ✅ (iOS only) -
Twitter - ✅ (iOS only) -
Telegram - - -
Viber - - -
VK - - -
WhatsApp - ✅ (Android only) ✅ (Android only) ✅ (iOS only)

* GetSocial supports GIFs and MP4 videos for custom animations.

Some channels show rich Landing Page preview instead of invite message and text. Landing Page could be set via Dashboard to display custom title and text together with the app icon, custom image/video or embeded youtube video.


Content customization support in Native share

Depending on the app chosen by the user in the native share system it may support all or some of the above.

Note About Smart Invite Analytics

In GetSocial Analytics we report the amount of Smart Invites that were sent, canceled and failed. Unfortunately, not all invite channels provide status information. For channels that do not provide this information, we report that invites were sent.

The table below shows which channels and platforms provide status information:

Provider Android iOS Unity/Android Unity/iOS ReactNative/Android ReactNative/iOS
Email - - -
Facebook Stories - - - - - -
Hangouts - - - - - -
Instagram Direct - - - - - -
Instagram Stories - - - - - -
Kakao - - - - - -
Kik - - - - - -
Line - - - - - -
Messenger - - - -
Native share - - - - - -
SMS - - -
Twitter - - -
Telegram - - - - - -
Viber - - - - - -
VK - -
WhatsApp - - - - - -

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