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What can you build with GetSocial Smart Flows?

The beauty of Smart Flows it that you can automate engagement for millions of users without modifying client side.

Nudge users to perform an action

Nudge users to perform an action Smart Flow

From time to time your users need an extra push to finish an action that drives positive outcome for your app. For example, you would want to remind your users to:

  • Finish account setup if they didn’t do it in the first few days
  • Log in to sync the data between devices regularly
  • Start the first quest if they haven’t started during their first session
  • Invite their friends to the app if they haven’t invited any during the last week

The list of use cases is endless but the underlying problem is the same “Remind user to perform action {X} after time {Y}”.

GetSocial Smart Flows enable you to automate this routine: send a reminder notification to do {X} if it didn’t happen after time {Y}. No changes on the client side required as all Smart Flows setup is performed on the GetSocial Dashboard.

πŸ‘‰Check the implementation guide

Bring inactive users back to the application

Bring users back Smart Flow

A big part of the users become “inactive” i.e try your app once and never come back. According to GetSocial data, day 7 retention can be as low as 30%.

Smart Flows enable you to automate re-engagement campaigns to bring some of those “inactive” users back. You can define criteria of “inactive” user and send a notification with an incentive to get back to the app.

πŸ‘‰Check the implementation guide

Reward users for performing the desired action

Reward users for performing the desired action Smart Flow

Smart Flows enable you to set up rules to automatically reward users for performing in-app actions. Rules are set up on the GetSocial Dashboard and can be based on analytics event provided by GetSocial SDK by default or your custom defined events.

For instance, in our study together with Castle Cats game we found that users who are active on the in-app forum have 7 times higher day 30 retention. One of the ways to get more of those users is to reward users for being socially active.

πŸ‘‰Check the implementation guide

Verified rewarding for inviting friends to the app

Verified rewarding for inviting friends to the app Smart Flow

Rewarding users for inviting friends is a great way to boost your user base grow, but basics rewarding for the install is prone to fraud. Users who want to take advantage of it, may reinstall application multiple times or reset device IDs.

Smart Flows enable you to delay rewarding of the user to the moment when an invited friend will reach a certain level or perform the desired action in the application. This way you will reward users not for installs but for actual use of the application.

πŸ‘‰Check the implementation guide

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