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Use case: nudge users to perform an action


From time to time your users need an extra push to finish an action that drives positive outcome for your app. For example, you would want to remind your users to:

  • Finish account setup if they didn’t do it in the first few days
  • Log in to sync the data between devices regularly
  • Start the first quest if they haven’t started during their first session
  • Invite their friends to the app if they haven’t invited any during the last week

The list of use cases is endless but the underlying problem is the same “Remind user to perform action {X} after time {Y}”.

GetSocial Smart Flows enable you to automate this routine: send a reminder notification to do {X} if it didn’t happen after time {Y}. No changes on the client side required as all Smart Flows setup is performed on the GetSocial Dashboard.

Implementation guide

In our example, we’ll remind users to invite friends to the app with Smart Invites if they haven’t invited anyone in the last 7 days.

Nudge users to perform an action Smart Flow

0. Prerequisite

  1. Integrate GetSocial SDK. Check the detailed guide on Android, iOS or Unity.

  2. Setup push notifications. Check the detailed setup guide on Android, iOS or Unity.

  3. Allow inviting friends to the app. Integrate Smart Invites to provide User A a way to invite his friends. See the detailed guide for Android, iOS or Unity.

  4. Make sure the app can handle notifications with actions to process such actions. Check the detailed implementation guide.

1. Create audience-based flow

When all prerequisites are satisfied we’re ready to create a Smart Flow to automate notification reminders.

  1. Login to GetSocial Dashboard and go to Smart Flows section → Create new flow.
  2. Choose an Audience Based flow. For audience based flows we have to specify the audience of users that are qualified to enter the flow and the schedule when the flow should be triggered.
  3. Set flow name to “Remind users to invite friends after 7 days”. The name is used only to differentiate the flows between each other.
  4. Create a new audience with users who haven’t sent an invite in the last 7 days. Press Select an audience → scroll to Create new audience → in the popup give audience the name → set the filter to be Last invite sent event more than 7 days ago → click Save.

    Create an audience with users who didn't invite friends in the last 7 days

  5. Set the flow schedule. For this use case, we want to send reminders every day at 10 AM. In the Check Audience on this schedule section select Daily tab → and set the schedule to Every 1 day(s) at 10:00 AM → click Define actions button to go to the next step.

    Set the flow schedule

2. Define actions

The next step is to define what actions should be performed when the flow is triggered.

  1. In the Add action section select Send notification from the dropdown.
  2. To set the notification text and action that should be performed we have to create a new notification template or use one of the existing ones.

    To create a new notification template click Select a template → scroll to Create a new template → set template name → click Step 2 - Content button → provide notification title, text and localizations for the languages your app supports → click Step 3 - Action → select Open Smart Invites view action → finish by clicking Create.

    Create notification template

  3. Select who will receive the notification. With Smart Flows you can send a notification to the user itself, his referrer from Smart Invites or all user’s friends.

    In this case, we’ll send the notification to the User and enable Up to 1 time setting to limit the number of notifications sent to the user.

    Select notification receiver

  4. To finish the flow setup click Add Action button → review your flow → click Create Flow button.

Try it out

Download DevFest Ukraine conference application to check out the demo of how to automate sending notifications to nudge users to perform desired action.

Try in the app

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