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Introduction to GetSocial Smart Flows


GetSocial Smart Flows enable engaging and re-engaging users at scale. Our mobile marketing automation tool allows you to target users based on their behavior and select one or more actions to perform, either on the same users, their referrers or even their friends.

How Does It Work

Smart Flows are created directly from the GetSocial Dashboard where the criteria and the actions are defined. You start by selecting the type of Smart Flow that adapts better to your use case.

How does Smart Flows Work

Audience-based Flows

Audience-based Flows are triggered regularly based on a given schedule for all the users that are part of a pre-defined Smart Audience at that time.

The schedule to run the flow can be configured to anything from “every hour” to “on the second Monday of every month at 10 pm”. The minimum frequency to run the flow is every hour.

These flows are powered by Smart Audiences allowing complex use cases that include filtering by user’s and device’s properties and user’s social and custom events:

  • Re-engage users that have not been active in the last 7 days.
  • Reward users for performing the desired action.

Event-based Flows

Event-based Flows are triggered based on real-time GetSocial or custom events. The events can be filtered based on device or event-specific properties and additional rules can be set to regularly start the flow every X events or just after the first Y ones.

These flows can be useful for use cases like:

  • Reward referrer for each invited user that finishes the tutorial (delayed rewarding)
  • Reward users when they post the first Activity
  • Notify users when their 5 of their friends watch a video


You can select one or more actions that will be performed when the Smart Flow is triggered.

Send notification. Define the notification content and select who is going to receive the notification, the user, user’s referrer or all user’s friends. The notification can also contain custom data and actions, to customize the behavior for the recipient.

Do you want to reward users? Check how to use consumable notification.

Set user property. Define the list of user properties to set and use it inside the application. You can set either public or private properties of the user that triggered the flow, his referrer (if any) or his friends.

Send webhook. To enable more complex behaviors we allow backend to backend integration with webhooks. Each time the Smart Flow is triggered we will send the information about the Smart Flow that was triggered including any custom data defined to your server.


Automate engagement campaigns. No user’s journey is the same. With Smart Flows, you can improve user engagement by easily building drip campaigns for each user segment. For instance, you can remind the user on level 9 that they and his friend can get a reward on level 10.

Automate re-engagement campaigns. Identify inactive users and try to win them back with a re-engagement strategy. It’s often less expensive to target a current customer than it is to find a new one. Use Smart Audience to identify your least engaged users, and target them with relevant campaigns that can win their interest.

Deliver personalized experiences. A personalized message always gets more user attention than a generic one. With Smart Audiences, flows can be customized with social behavioral attributes, device and custom properties to deliver relevance within messages. For example, offer a discount to the user based on a recent in-app purchase, or give a reward for being socially active in the app.

Multiple delivery channels. Take advantage of push notifications, in-app notifications or custom delivery with webhooks and user properties to respond to individual behaviors, in and out of the app.

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