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Introduction to GetSocial Referral System

The performance of mobile referrals has always been attributed to App Install events. Attribution companies use various attribution technologies like device fingerprinting to successfully attribute a referral when referred users install the app through referral links or referral codes.

Attribution technologies like GetSocial set referrer relationships automatically on App Install events and therefore rewarding on referrers can be done to the users that drove the install. A referrer and referee relationship gets established after a successful App Install event. A referrer in this instance is an influencer that has influenced his friends and family to install your app.

As user engagement, re-engagement and retention continue to play a more important role than user acquisition there is a growing demand by companies to have influencers in their app that can also influence their friends to take action beyond just an app install.

Successful businesses require their influencers to influence their friends to take custom actions, for example, to view content, become a paid subscriber, make a purchase, etc. where the medium of influence can be internal (notifications) or external to the app (sharing).

To support this use case GetSocial’s referral system also allows you to enable attribution and set the referrer-referee relation based on any custom event in your app. This provides flexibility with the reward logic as you can set one or more referrers on key KPIs you need to drive for your business. For most apps simply getting an App Install is not a key business driver, events like subscription, or some feature usage matters more.

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