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What can you build with GetSocial Notifications?

In-app notification center

The base use cases for GetSocial Notifications API is to build Facebook-like notification center.

Notification Center

According to the latest Localytics data, only 53% of the users have push notifications enabled. GetSocial Notifications provide a way to deliver notifications to 100% of the users. We send a push notification to the users who enabled them and provide an API to query notifications from the client SDK to build in-app notification center.

👉 Read the detailed implementation guide.

Send friend requests, challenge friends, request gifts

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GetSocial Notifications provide a generic API to implement sending in-app resources or requesting access to them between users. More specifically you can enable your users to:

  • Send friendship requests
  • Send invitations to group/clan/challenge
  • Send in-app gifts
  • Request access to join group/clan/challenge
  • Request lives from friends
  • Invite friends to join multiplayer session

👉 Read the detailed implementation guide.

Automatically reward users based on events in the app

Receive Reward Push Notification

Reward users automatically based on the events inside the application. For instance, you can:

  • Reward user for doing a certain action in the application, e.g., reaching level X, beating the high score.
  • Reward user for being socially active, e.g., posting on Activity Feed, sending Smart Invites.
  • Provide a reward for inviting friends, only when they perform a certain action (reach a level, do the first IAP) in the app.
  • Re-engage user after being in-active for some time, for instance you can send a notification with a special offer if user did not use the app for 7 days.

👉 Read the detailed implementation guide.

Manually reward users from the Dashboard (coming soon)

Manually reward selected users from the GetSocial Dashboard for reporting an issue, winning the contest or for being an exceptional community member.

You already can implement receiving the notification and issuing the reward based on the data attached. Soon we’ll implement a feature to send notifications to individual users from the GetSocial Dashboard.

Interested in the use case? Let us know, and we’ll see how we can prioritize the feature.

Send expirable offers to users (coming soon)

Send a notification to a segment of the users about time-limited offers, like New Year sales.

With GetSocial Notifications, you can already send targeted notifications that will give users access to special offers. Soon we’ll add an ability to set the expiration date to the notifications, so you can set a timeframe when the user can redeem it.

Interested in the use case? Let us know, and we’ll see how we can prioritize the feature.

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