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Send, Manage and Analyze Notifications from GetSocial Dashboard


Smart Targeting allows you to send push notifications to one of the previously created Smart Audiences or all your users.

Create New Notification Wizard

To create a new notification, log in to the GetSocial Dashboard, open Notifications section -> Smart Targeting and click New notification button.

New Smart Targeting Notification

Name, Audience and Delivery Time

Notification name is a label that makes sense for you, it is not visible to users. For example “Christmas Discounts” if you are notifying users about some discounts during Christmas Holidays.

Target audience of your notification could be all your users or a custom audience. You will see how much users will receive the notification and number of users that won’t be notified and the reason for that. You can also select your test devices as target audience to test the notifications setup.

Delivery section has two options:

  • Send Now. If you choose Send Now option, notification will be sent after you finish the wizard.

  • Send Later. Choose the date, time and timezone you want a notification to be sent. The default option for timezone is a Recipient timezone, which means that user will receive the notification when the time will come in his device timezone. If that time has already come it users timezone, they will not receive the notification.

New Smart Targeting Notification


Title (optional) is displayed on the top of the notification.

Text is a mandatory field. By default, you enter notification text in English, but you can localize the message to any supported language. At the bottom, you can see the percentage of the users that will receive localized and default English version of the notification.

Notification Content


You can send one of the predefined actions along with push notification. Some of them may have mandatory parameters. This action is invoked when user clicks on the notification.

Possible Actions:

  • Open app home screen - just open an application.
  • Open Smart Invites view - open GetSocial Smart Invites view. Useful for a campaigns like “Invite 5 friends and get the reward”, so user will be redirected to the invite page right after PN click.
  • Open Activity Feed view - open the activity feed with provided name. Share the information about useful feeds inside the app with your users. $feed_name is required parameter.
  • Open URL - open provided URL. You can promote your other apps or notify users about new update and redirect to the AppStore. $url is required parameter.
  • Custom action - will open the application and return you all attached action data to build your custom actions.

Open URL

Don’t use the Smart Links of your current app as $url parameter in Open URL action as it won’t work as expected.

If none of the predefined actions are suitable for you – just use Custom Action and pass any data you want.

Optionally you can attach any key-value pairs to the notification to pass them to the client. For example, clicking on the notification with discounts announcement can directly open item purchase screen. This way we remove any friction to get to the purchase screen.

To check how to receive key-value pairs on the client side check the guide here.

Notification Action Data

Review Notification

The last screen of the wizard allows you to check if everything is OK and ready to be sent now or scheduled.

Manage Notifications

All your notifications are displayed in the list of your notifications until they are deleted manually. You can filter your notifications by status to see only the ones you are interested in.

Click on the notification to see its Summary View.

Click the Refresh button to update the information about notifications.
Here’s the frequency of updates to push notification analytics:

  • Delivery Progress is updated each few seconds, so that data is almost up-to-date.
  • Notification Status - In Progress or Completed - is updated approximately each half an hour.
  • Open Rate - is updated every hour.

Notification Action Data


Your notifications may have 4 statuses:

  • Scheduled - notification is created and waiting for the time it should be sent.
  • In Progress - our backend had started sending, but haven’t finished it yet. It can be canceled.
  • Canceled - notification was canceled while sending.
  • Completed - notification was sent to all expected users.

Open Rate

This value displays the percentage of the clicked notifications comparing to the amount of all sent ones.


Delete and Cancel

You can delete Scheduled, Canceled or Completed notifications. To delete notification that is In Progress you have to Cancel it before.

By clicking Cancel on the notification, our backend will immediately stop sending push notifications to recipients. After it is Canceled you can Delete it.


You can not resume the Canceled notification as well as can not recover the Deleted one.


You can duplicate any of your notifications. You will be redirected to the New Notification wizard with all the fields pre-populated with old notification data, so you can update only the things you need.


Only Scheduled notifications can be updated. To modify notifications in other statuses, you have to Duplicate them.

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