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Introduction to GetSocial Notifications

GetSocial Push Notifications

Build your own Facebook-like in-app notifications center in hours not days. Tell your users about important updates in the application, promotions or other events created by the app or other users.

GetSocial Notifications is like push notifications on steroids. According to the latest Localytics data only 53% of the users have push notifications enabled. GetSocial Notifications provide a way to deliver notifications to 100% of the users. We send a push notification to the users who enabled them and provide an API to query notifications from the client SDK to build notification center.

GetSocial Notifications provide a single API to send and receive three types of notifications:

  • Targeted notifications. Segment users and send tailored notifications. With Smart Audiences you can create segments based on user properties and in-app events.

  • User-to-user notifications. Send user-to-user notifications using one of our mobile SDKs. No extra backend required.

  • Social notifications. Notify users about social events in your app, for instance when someone has liked your Activity Feed post, or friend you invited with Smart Invites started using the app. Delivering socially valuable push notifications to your users can increase day-30 retention by 3-10x.


  • Localization. Localize notification message to any of the 25+ supported languages, and GetSocial takes care of delivering the correct translation.

  • Notification templates. Create a notification template on GetSocial Dashboard, use it from the client side or Dashboard, update template without touching the client side.

  • Cross-platform push notifications. It doesn’t matter if it’s Android or iOS – we’ll deliver the push notification. Simple configuration on GetSocial Dashboard and we’ll send a push notification to each platform.

  • In-app notification center UI. Use our customizable UI to start showing notifications to users inside your app. Even when push notifications are disabled.

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