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Use case: in-app support channel

Activity Feed as Support channel


Being user-obsessed is a new mantra for apps that strive to be successful. GetSocial Activity Feed API allows you to implement fast and reliable user support solution right in your app and manage support requests from the GetSocial Dashboard.

Decrease churn and improve users loyalty.

Implementation guide

0. Prerequisites

  • Integrate GetSocial SDK. Check the detailed guide on Android, iOS or Unity.

1. Implement support UI

You have to create a unique support Activity Feed for each user. We reccommend using "support_" prefix combined with current user ID for the feed ID:

```java tab=”Android(Java)”
String supportFeedID = “support_” + GetSocial.User.getId();

```kotlin tab="Android(Kotlin)"
val supportFeedId = "support_${GetSocial.User.getId()}"

```objective-c tab=”iOS(Objective-C)”
NSString *supportFeedID = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”support_%@”, GetSocialUser.userId];

```swift tab="iOS(Swift)"
let supportFeedID = "support_\(GetSocialUser.userId())"

```csharp tab=”Unity”
var supportFeedID = “support_” + GetSocial.User.Id;

To implement support UI you have two options. You can use UI provided by GetSocial or use our data API and create your own UI.

**Prebuild GetSocial Activity Feed UI**

Prebuild GetSocial Activity Feed UI lets you add in-app support in minutes. You can configure what content is displayed on the feed, as well as look and feel to match your app style.

Activity Feed UI supports action buttons out of the box, so you as a community manager can:

- Post links to take the user to a web page.
- Create a button to claim a reward for reporting an issue.
- Post links to questionnaire to get feedback about the support quality.

To open Activity Feed UI configured for support:

```java tab="Android(Java)"

```kotlin tab=”Android(Kotlin)”

```objective-c tab="iOS(Objective-C)"
GetSocialUIActivityFeedView *activityFeedView = [GetSocialUI createActivityFeedView:supportFeedID];
activityFeedView.windowTitle = @"Support";
[activityFeedView show];

```swift tab=”iOS(Swift)”
let activityFeedView: GetSocialUIActivityFeedView = GetSocialUI.createActivityFeedView(supportFeedID)
activityFeedView.windowTitle = “Support”

```csharp tab="Unity"

Visit GetSocial Activity Feed UI guide to learn more.

Custom UI

When you need more control over the UI, or you want to embed new feed intro existing app UI, you have to use GetSocial data API to post and retrieve posts.

Visit Post on Activity Feed and Load Activity Feed Content guides to learn about implementation details.

2. Enable notifications

To let your user know that you’ve replied to the support request you have to setup push notifications. Check the guide for Android, iOS or Unity.

3. Support users from Dashboard

Community managers can manage user support requests on the GetSocial Dashboard.

To limit access to Dashboard features we provide different roles. For instance, for a team dedicated to community management and support you can set Community Manager role.

Learn more about Dashboard roles and permissions.

Try it out

Download DevFest Ukraine conference application to check out the demo of using Activity Feed for user support.

Try in the app

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