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Use case: in-app news feed


The base use case for GetSocial Activity Feeds - is to create in-app news feeds. With news feeds you can:

  • Enable users to chat in a forum like manner.
  • Automatically post content from the app, like game highlights, achievements, etc.
  • Let users comment and like posts.
  • Communicate with your users as an app from the Dashboard.

Activity Feed as News Feed

Each user interaction on the news feed, like mentions or comments, generates social notifications which increases engagement and as a result LTV of the app users.

Implementation guide

0. Prerequisite

  • Integrate GetSocial SDK. Check the detailed guide on Android, iOS or Unity.

1. Define feeds and UI entry points

To start with, define if you want to have a single news feed or several. For instance, you may want to create news feed per game level or create feed per language.

Select UI entry points on the app UI. The better you’ll surface the feature, the more people interact, more people get engaged, and at the end, LTV is higher.

2. Implement news feed UI

You have two options to implement news feed UI. You can use UI provided by GetSocial or use our data API and create your own UI.

Prebuild GetSocial Activity Feed UI

Prebuild GetSocial Activity Feed UI lets you add a new feed in minutes. You can configure what content is displayed on the feed, as well as look and feel to match your app style.

Visit GetSocial Activity Feed UI guide to learn more.

Custom UI

When you need more control over the UI, or you want to embed new feed into existing app UI, you have to use GetSocial data API to post and retrieve posts.

Visit Post on Activity Feed and Load Activity Feed Content guides to learn about implementation details.

3. Enable notifications

On each social interaction on the news feed, like comments, likes under user posts or mentions GetSocial sends a notification to the user.

Social notifications are a great way to re-engage and bring your audience back to the application.

To enable social notifications you have to set up push notifications. Check the guide for Android, iOS or Unity.

Additionally, we recommend adding an in-app notification center to show a social notification. Push notifications are great, but only 53% users have them eneabled. In-app notification center lets you reach 100% of your user base, as well a provide a new channel to send targeted messages to your users.

Check Notification Center implementation guide for more details.

4. Moderate content on Dashboard

GetSocial provides a profanity filter for all user-generated content, but it’s not perfect. To address this issue, we provide two ways for manual moderation:

  1. As a community manager you can review new feed content from the Dashboard and remove content that violates your policies and block users who made an offense.
  2. Users can report content as spam or inappropriate. As a community manager you can see reported content on the Dashboard and act accordingly.

Visit Content Moderation and Reporting guide to learn more.

Try it out

Download DevFest Ukraine conference application to check out the demo of using Activity Feed to engage users.

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