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What can you build with GetSocial Activity Feeds?

With rising costs for user acquisition, it is more important than ever before to keep users engaged and decrease churn. GetSocial Activity Feeds API enables you to implement a couple of solutions to tackle precisely this problem.

In-app News Feeds

Activity Feed as News Feed

The base use case for GetSocial Activity Feeds - is to create in-app news feeds. With news feeds you can:

  • Enable users to chat in a forum like manner.
  • Automatically post content from the app, like game highlights, achievements, etc.
  • Let users comment and like posts.
  • Communicate with your users as an app from the Dashboard.

Each user interaction on the news feed, like mentions or comments, generates social notifications which increases engagement and as a result LTV of the app users.

👉 Read the detailed implementation guide.

In-app Support Channel

Activity Feed as Support channel

Being user-obsessed is a new mantra for apps that strive to be successful. GetSocial Activity Feed API allows you to implement fast and reliable user support solution right in your app and manage support requests from the GetSocial Dashboard.

Decrease churn and improve users loyalty.

👉 Read the detailed implementation guide.

Real-time Chat

Activity Feed as Chat

With a combination of the GetSocial Activity Feed and Notifications API you can implement real-time user-to-user or group chat.

Just like news feeds, chats keep users engaged in your app and give them one more reason to get back.

👉 Read the detailed implementation guide.

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