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Reporting and moderating content

Sometimes you may need to moderate the content, which appears on activity feeds. We provide 2 ways to achieve this:

  • Automatic Profanity Filter: all activities, which contain offensive words are purified, and all characters in those words substituted with *.
  • Content Reporting and Moderation: users can report spam or inappropriate content from within the app, developers get notified about this and can act accordingly: delete content and ban users for some time.

Reporting content

Users can report spam or inappropriate content in the feeds through GetSocial UI.

User Reports Content as Spam

If you are building your own UI, we provide Data API to report content:

To report activity of comment use reportActivity method. As of now, we support the two most popular reporting reasons: Spam or Inappropriate content:

```java tab=”Android(Java)”
GetSocial.reportActivity(activityId, ReportingReason.SPAM, new CompletionCallback() {
public void onSuccess() {
Log.i(“GetSocial”, “Successfully reported the activity”);

public void onFailure(GetSocialException exception) {
    Log.e("GetSocial", "Failed to report activity, error: " + exception.getMessage());

kotlin tab=”Android(Kotlin)”
GetSocial.reportActivity(activityId, ReportingReason.SPAM, object: CompletionCallback{
override fun onSuccess() {
println(“Successfully reported the activity”)

override fun onFailure(exception: GetSocialException) {
println(“Failed to report activity, error: ${exception.message}”)

```objc tab=”iOS(Objective-C)”
[GetSocial reportActivity:activityId
NSLog(@”Reported activity sussesfully.”);
} failure:^(NSError *error) {
NSLog(@”Failed to report activity, error: %@”, error);

```swift tab="iOS(Swift)"
GetSocial.reportActivity(activityId, reason: reason, success: {
    print("Reported activity sussesfully.")
}, failure: { error in
    print("Failed to report activity, error: \(anError)")

c# tab="Unity" GetSocial.ReportActivity(activityId, ReportingReason.Spam, onSuccess: () => Debug.Log("Reported activity sussesfully"), onFailure: (error) => Debug.LogError("Failed to report activity, error: " + error.Message) );

Automatic profanity filter

All activities, which contain offensive words are purified, and all characters in those words substituted with *. An example of this you may see in the screenshot above. Part of the spam message was substituted with ****.

By default this feature is disabled. To enable content purification login to GetSocial Dashboard → App Settings section → App Information tab and enable “Automatic content purification of Activity Feeds” option:

Enable Content Purification on Dashboard

Manual content moderation

Once the content is reported, it shows up on the Dashboard, where developers can moderate it. We aggregate all reports to a specific activity or comment so that you can see the most offensive posts first.

Login to GetSocial Dashboard → Activity Feeds section → Reported Content tab. Here you can delete any activity or ban users, who post spam or inappropriate content by pressing the corresponding buttons next to the content.

Reported Content Tab

Banning users

When deleting content is not enough, you can ban a person for a specific amount of time. Afterward, a person won’t be able to post activities, comments and like any content. Don’t worry, Smart Invites and all other parts of the SDK won’t be affected.

Login to GetSocial Dashboard → Activity Feeds section → Reported Content tab. Press ban icon on the reported content and choose parameters in the ban dialog.

Banning a user

Unbanning users

Login to GetSocial Dashboard → Activity Feeds section → Banned Users tab. Press unban icon on the banned user and accept the dialog.

Unbanning a user

You can also modify ban period for the user in the same tab.

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