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Activity Feed Best Practices

Community management


  • Post regular announcements, e.g., run in-app promotions, cross-promote your other games, inform users about upcoming features, request feedback, etc.
  • Review users’ post regularly and respond to them, e.g., if a user requests help or support.
  • Like users’ posts to encourage engagement regularly.
  • Delete users’ posts that look like spam to keep the feed clean.

IAP Promotion on Activity Feed

Frontline Commando uses Activity Feed to promote new guns in the store. Button click takes users directly to the item purchase flow

Posting activities


  • Set up internal triggers prompting users to post relevant activity, e.g., “Ask for help” button when a user persistently fails a level.


  • Automatically post activities on behalf of your users.
  • Allow anonymous users to post to activity feeds without setting a display name and avatar.

Customize UI


  • Scale the activity feed window and its content (e.g., font size) to ensure multiple (at least 2) activity posts are visible at the same time.
  • Customize the default UI to match the look and feel of your app.

Next steps

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